Full-solution Installation Kit

MotionStep controller
2 sensors

18m LED strip
18m aluminium profile

MotionStep Controller

An innovative controller designed by Smartlightbox that enables to control the lighting of up to 24 different steps. Users can control and setup the MotionStep using nothing more than your regular mobile device (Android available, iOS in development). With several predefined effects, it is simple to find a suitable solution for driving the LEDs of the steps in a professional manner.

Setting up and connecting the MotionStep is relatively simple, enabling everyone to complement their living space with astounding light solutions.

Range with antenna is approx. 70m.

Operating system: Android / iOS (coming soon)
Operating voltage: 12 – 24 V DC
Reverse polarity protection
Max. output current per channel: 2A
Total output current: 25 A
Channels: 24
Max. output capacity: 1 uF
Frequency of pulse with modulation: 6 kHz
Resolution of pulse with modulation: 8 bit
Operating temperature: -30°C... +50°C
Dimensions(w/o antenna): 149 x 164 x 30 mm
Weight (with antenna): 290 g
Protection type: IP50
EN 55024:2011
EN 61000-4-3
EN 61000-4-8
EN 61000-4-2
EN 61000-4-6
EN 61000-4-5
EN 61000-4-4
EN 55022:2011
EN 55022


The delivery of the Motionstep Controller is FREE.
Transportation costs for the Full-solution Installation Kit are 25 euros.


Setting up is relatively easy if you are at least a little into electronics and wiring. If not so, then probably you’ll need to call a specialist or a very trusted and skilled friend. To make your life easier we have also included a bundle package for the full set-up with LED lights and other accessories. Nevertheless if you have questions, problems or ideas about the MotionStep or life in general, let us know. We really would like to hear from you!

We offer 2 years of warranty for the MotionStep controller and microwave sensors.

Here you can find technical information, schematics and user manuals for the MotionStep controller.


About Us

MotionStep belongs to the product line of Smartlightbox.com — high quality lighting and automated solutions designed in Europe by skilled and dedicated electronics and software engineers. More than ten years of experience in designing and developing has given us the knowledge and insight for the best components on the market and the skills to use the most innovative solutions.

Our lab and business office is in Tallinn, Estonia — country as famous for its fast and growing IT and electronics sector as for its Nordic business culture. Tech-savvy environment gives us the limitless possibilities for co-operation in many different areas and therefore making our products innovative and up to the latest solutions.


E-mail: info@motionstep.com


E-mail: support@motionstep.com

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